Rockstar is back yet with another game which boasts of amazing story and stunning graphics with massive open-world map, realistic environment and perfect storytelling. The Red Dead Redemption 2 is just another awesome piece of work from RockStar and here is a quick preview.

The Red Dead Redemption 2 which was developed and published by RockStar Games is arguably one of the best video games with it's amazing environment that pays attention to detail and has an incredible open-world story.
Herein, the character is peaceful and quiet, not engaging in too many trigger actions. 
With an impressive lighting and weather effect, the RDR 2 is most enjoyable when played on XBox One X or PS4 ona 4k tv.

The RDR 2 is a story of a criminal cowboy Arthur Morgan. A tale of family, expired ideals and torn loyalties featuring few characters from GTA which includes John Marston who's got an important role in Arthur's Journey.

The RDR 2 is enriched by an amazing artistry and technical excellent and has less of too many ofd activities like shooting, killing, robbery. 
With every event being well detailed such like a physical occurrence. Details such as full fledged weapon-craftingand meters affects Arthur's health, stamina and hunger, so for him to be at his best, he must be well fed and fit. 
His hair and beards grow in real and due time which he'll have to go to a barber's shop for a cut. If he eats well enough or too little, Arthur either loses weight or gain more. Also in terms of wardrobe option, there is a vast number of tops,  trousers and even boot's.
To the soundtrack, Jackson who had composed every of RockStar's work from the first redemption did an excellent job matching perfect sounds to occurrences.
For critics,Red Dead Redemption 2 discourages with the absence of fast travel which makes it difficult for people with less free time to try it out. Yet, it's worth the delay. Only a very few games can measure up to a level as that of the Red Dead Redemption 2: GTA 5, Metal Gear Solid 5 and The Witcher 3.
With a story well told which could catch not just attention but also emotions too. RDR2 is a game everyone must have.

It is the best looking console game ever with the most surprising story in open-world history and a large number of side attractions.
It's really worth the value and time spent on it.


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