Look around you. Pray tell, if you’d like to spend extra few years studying in Nigeria in place of a scholarship to, say, Europe . Be sincere please. We know you studied here and now you are a prestigious Fashion designer ?Unbelievable! Think about it twice. Studying in Nigeria may or not rob you off your actual desires because:

11. YOU GET NOT WHAT YOU WANT – If you study Pharmacy, You may end up in a small chemist. If life chooses not to be fair with you – You will sell drugs at home. You studying Medicine, Before you know it. You doing your Masters Programme with Chinwetalu Agu.

10. STRIKE LIKE NEVER BEFORE – It sad you’d realise ASUU and the likes can appear at anytime to call on and call off strike. Especially when they seem broke. Give them some amount of change and the strike will be called off. The purpose of the strike in the first place is forgotten. Apparently, The struggle isn’t for the students but for their personal gains.

9. STRESS – The stress in Nigeria can make you give up on education. They stress everything here. From school fees payment to receiving lectures to clearance to looking for the dream job is stressful.

8. FRUSTRATION – Have you not heard lecturers tell you a distinction( A) is for God. B is for them. C is for the most brilliant. D , E and F is for the rest students. Frustration!Its a struggle to impress even yourself.

7. IRRESPONSIBLE LECTURERS – Some Nigeria lecturers aren’t just irresponsible. They are lazy. Some actualise the reality of the average students on the path to failure.

6. INADEQUATE CLASSES – Classes are usually not enough . Extensive study process is almost impossible to hold in a classroom with more than 50 students.

5.WHACK CURRICULUM – Nigerian schools need to improve their curriculum or better still change it. Nothing has really changed since 1960.

4. WEAK STRUCTURES – Structures are supposed to uphold school – student values in and outside the school but as it is, The structure itself needs another structure to be able to stand.

3. ZERO FUN LIFE – Although a few schools support extra – curricula activities. It is not so for other schools. You study or You go home.

2. EXORBITANT SCHOOL FEES – A lot goes into fees payment. It is left for you to figure a way out in getting the best out of your money.

1. BLINKED FUTURE EMPLOYMENT – Every student have been asked to go learn other trades. Tells how inadequate the labour market perceives anyone who studied in Nigeria. No doubt, We had some knowledge outside our various institutions .  The average psychology student, linguistic student and many others is not sure to secure a reasonable job in this part of the world.


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