Ways To Stop Suicide

LIFE can be anything but boring for anyone. Nevertheless, A lot can still be enjoyed. Which is fact! For the sake of loved ones and The life giver beckoning us to first Live . By all means, LIVE.
There are solutions to our problems if we open our heart and mind especially at the verge of screams for survival. The will must first be there and everything else will fall in place.
We have to know where to look.
One can derive that WILL in a place like Lagos for instance in all its hustle and bustle. Lagos still has millions living above waters. You too can as well.

10. RIDE IN A KEKE – Have you seen the way passengers of tricycles popularly known as KEKE NAPEP stare at you trekking? Lol! Its the look of living large! Instead of snipper; Book a tour in a city that runs entirely in Keke napep. Ride away. Feel big too.

9.EAT SOME LOCAL NIGERIAN FOOD- I totally enjoy “mama put” to expensive dining. The taste of local food is different and special. Try eating suya. Dodo and akara. Sure taste that will take your breathe away. Don’t die yet.

8. STROLL DOWN TO OSHODI – The Ageberos/touts there display the real entertainment. New slangs and renewed gestures everyday.

7. OWANBE : Enter the place. Look good and smile nice. You won’t be disappointed because you would be left with nothing but mad fun ,enough rice, good music and plenty girls/ bobo to choose from.*winks*

6. TALK TO A STRANGER – The response you get talking to a stranger will sure leave you laughing really hard or landing you in serious trouble. Whichever the case, You will get entertained.

5. ATTEND EVENTS- Some states definitely hold free events that’d have you inspired,elevated & wanting more out of  life .check Eventbrite.com

4.WATCH FOOTBALL OR MOVIES – The average bar has a television screen where you can watch football or movies for the fun of it without asking you for a dime. Subconsciously,You’d forget about any issue .

3. TRAFFIC – Traffic in Lagos is terrible but remember the lemonades story? Yea, I take time while in traffic to view varieties of products and to reflect more .

2. LEAVE SOCIAL MEDIA – Social media especially Instagram is filled with more of the fakes. You think the next man’s life is perfect? Think again! You will be shocked to know you are better. To be sane, You need to stay away from all the drama online and offline.

THINK LIKE A KING – Like a King that you are. Its all about your mindset . when the thought Of suicide comes, wipe it off with brilliant ideas to forge ahead. Encourage yourself with the overall truth that YOU WERE MADE FOR MORE, MADE TO DO EXPLOITS, MADE TO BE HAPPY AND TO MAKE OTHERS HAPPY. You deserve to live !