3 Major Types Of Dating Exposed


Get to know the different types of dating

Do you know what dating mean? Dating is a stage in which two people meet and get to know about each other to see if they are compatible together or not. Going on dates with other people to find the perfect one is called dating. But it has some different definition these days. Let’s see what types of dating are continuing today.


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There are three basic types of dating. I have thoroughly explained each dating below:

3. Casual dating

If you don’t want to be in relationships, then you can meet people to find buddies with whom you enjoy spending time.One can reach as many people one wishes to meet.

You can hang out with them; there is no pressure to be in the relationship.

2. Purpose dating

It is basically for those who want to know the people more and to see whether if their relationship work or not. In order to know each other, the conversations include thing such as likes dislikes, goals of life, family background, etc. and sometimes the conversation gets more intense.

This basic type of dating is not that basic how it sounds to be. Purpose dating includes many other datings such as:

• Blind Dates

A third person organizes these dates. In this particular type of dating, you don’t know each other. These can be arranged by your friends, family, colleagues, etc. or you can also ask them to organize a blind date for you. Don’t worry about what they’ll think because why to feel ashamed of telling others about what you are searching for.

 Speed dating

Dating services generally organize these types of dating. Here, you are arranged to reach a destination and then you can meet randomly with persons one by one for about 10-05 minutes on that same destination. This type of dating is right for the people who are looking for a suitable match.

get to know the different types of dating

• Online dating

For this dating, I don’t think I need to tell you about it, as almost all of you know about it. It is a type of dating where you meet people through an online site. There are various dating Sites that are mainly designed for dating. In online dating rather than meeting in person, people exchange their photos online and have conversations. This way one will get to know about the other person.

1. Date to marriage

It is a type of dating when you want a match with whom you can marry and spend the rest of your life. Here you make your partner meet the important persons in your life such as parents, friends, and family members. But the main thing to keep here along with you is patience and trust. These too can help to maintain your relationship. In some cases, the couples go on holidays along with their families. Some of these couples prefer to live together under the same roof.

These are the types of dating that are popular among the new generation.


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