Hustle o’

Every social media platform has got these rib cracking trend on for a while now and we felt a compilation of it for the fun of it will make some sense to make you laugh and remind you to HUSTLE OOO…

1.HUSTLE O make dem no tell you say motor don full.

2. HUSTLE O make dem no tell you say “as I see that shirt I know say na you.”

3. HUSTLE O make conductor no tell you say make you go find change come.

4.HUSTLE O make dem no use picture wey you snap yesterday do throwback.

5.HUSTLE O make dem no hiss when they see your call.

6.HUSTLE O make you no dey wear “adieu baba” go club.

7. HUSTLE O make dem no use AC steal your girlfriend.

8. HUSTLE O make you no carry charger for neck dey find where dem on gen.

9.HUSTLE O make you no dey borrow house to knack.

10.HUSTLE O make dem no use emoji cover your face.

















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